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Admissions – Welcome!

Northwest Indian College primarily focuses on recruiting Native-American, Alaska Native, and Canadian First Nations students, but follows an ‘open door’ admissions policy. Anyone who has graduated from high school or the equivalent may be accepted into Northwest Indian College. Students who are under the age of 18 without a High School Diploma or the equivalent must obtain permission from their parent or legal guardian and the school district before enrolling for college-level courses in the Running Start program. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information on the Running Start Program. Students who are not prepared to begin college-level courses are provided with a wide variety of developmental course work designed to prepare them for more advanced study and to pursue programs suited to their interests and aptitude.

Why choose NWIC?

Registration Information

New and Returning Students

Students who have not enrolled for classes in more than one calendar year must re-apply.


Submit a completed NWIC Admission Application to the Office of Admissions, a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent, and a copy of your Tribal certification, Tribal enrollment card, or letter of documentation from your federally recognized Tribe (if applicable). Documentation is necessary to determine resident student status to be eligible for the resident student tuition rate. For residency-related questions, please contact Admissions. Students who have not enrolled for classes in more than one calendar year must re-apply.


Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at For priority deadlines, please refer to the Financial Aid section of the catalog or contact the Financial Aid Office.

Contact Financial Aid


New students and transfer students who have not taken college-level Math and/or English are required to take a placement test. Transfer students who have taken college-level Math and/or English are required to submit official transcripts and need to fill out a Transfer Evaluation Request Form.

Book Placement Test


Meet with your advisor to review placement results and/or transcripts and discuss educational goals to develop an educational plan.


Register for classes, pay tuition/fees, and purchase textbooks.


Once you’ve been admitted to NWIC, you are ready to register for classes. The registration process includes meeting with an advisor, enrolling in classes, paying financial obligations, and completing any other information forms as needed. Students may update their address and other contact information online through the student information system also known as JICS (Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution).

The registration calendar has three critical dates: Regular Registration, Late Registration, and Permission for Late Registration. Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to these dates, which are available online. Review the Important Dates for registration and tuition deadlines.

Center for Student Success
Contact Information:


Find out how we work with you to evaluate your incoming credits.


Review the flow chart below to see the math course pathways at Northwest Indian College.



All new students attending NWIC are required to complete the a placement test in order to assist in the selection of courses appropriate to the student’s academic ability.  Students who have previously taken college courses in math and English do not need to complete. Northwest Indian College uses the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer test is untimed and is not pass/fail. It is a tool to help you and your advisor select the right classes for you to be successful.

*Note:  Students taking the Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) are not required to take the placement test and directly contact the program advisor.


In-Person Appointment

In-person Accuplacer Placement Testing is available on the Lummi campus in Building 17. You will receive your test results immediately after you finish testing. Your results will include information about your English and math placement. For most students, your next step after testing is to meet with an advisor and select classes.


NWIC can proctor an Accuplacer via Zoom if you have:
  1. Access to a computer or laptop with a camera that can be on the entire time you are testing.
  2. Stable Wi-Fi to complete your testing
  3. A quiet and uninterrupted space that allows you to test for approximately 1.5-2 hours
If you are able to meet these requirements you can schedule an appointment for Remote/Distance Accuplacer Testing.

If you are running late or need to reschedule your appointment please contact the testing center via telephone or email to inform the Testing Center Staff. Any appointments that are more than 15 minutes late are considered forfeited. 


Students wishing to take an Accuplacer test to apply for Admission at Northwest Indian College are not charged a fee.

Students wishing to take an Accuplacer test for another institution are more than welcome to do so at NWIC. Be sure to make your remote testing appointment through your host institution and contact NWIC to make your appointment. There is a $35.00 fee.

Payable in the NWIC accounting office located in building 9 with cash, check, or card. Card payments may be called in at (360) 676-2772 and asking for accounting.

Testing Center Contact Information

  • Phone: (360) 392-4303
    Lummi Campus – Building 17
    Center for Student Success

Schedule a Test



To learn more about Adult Basic Education and preparing for the GED, contact instructor at 360-390-4262 or stop by the Learning Assistance Center (Bldg. 3) on the Lummi Campus. For more information about the GED test or if you believe you would benefit from testing accommodations please visit:

Please note that GED testing is no longer offered through Northwest Indian College.  For more GED Information please visit You can find further information through the GED portal once you create a profile. Northwest Indian College no longer has access to student GED files. Please direct questions regarding transcripts and copies of certificates to the following link. Third party inquiries please follow this link to confirm a students GED standing.

ABE/GED Information

  • Phone: (360) 201-4735
    Lummi Campus – Building 13

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome new students! We’re so excited to have you joining our community. Northwest Indian College has served students since classes were first offered in 1973. 47 years later, we continue to promotes Indigenous self-determination and knowledge to our students. We’re proud of the achievements and successes of our current students and more than 1800 alumni. We look forward to supporting you as you work toward your academic and professional goals.

This orientation is designed to familiarize you with campus and prepare you for your college experience. The experience will be two-fold:

  • Online Orientation Canvas page, which is an interactive page with information designed into modules, and each student will be required to work through and complete the survey at the end of the course.  All new students will be automatically added to this course.  You can return to the course anytime in your Canvas dashboard or by clicking the link below. If you would like to be added to this course, please email
  • Interactive Zoom meeting, where you will meet virtually with staff, faculty, and other new students. There are several meeting times scheduled for you to choose from.
orientation 2023

New Student Orientation
virtually: Friday DEC 8 OR Dec 15
12pm or 5PM
IN-PERSON: fRIDAY, January 5th

Set up Student Account | 10-11AM 
Orientation – Day | 12 -1PM
Checking in with FA | 1-2PM
Ordering Textbooks | 2-3PM
Technology Success | 3-4PM
Orientation – Evening | 5-6PM


Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates 2023-2024

Credits Resident 2023-2022Non-Resident 2023-2024
10 $990$1,980
11 $1,086$2,178
12 $1,188$2,376
13+ $99 per cr. $198 per cr. 

2023-2024 Fees

Laboratory or materials fees: Certain courses carry laboratory or materials fees. All students are required to pay an enrollment fee and technology fee, and activity fee depending on the number of enrolled credits.

1-5 credit hours:

$35 non-refundable enrollment fee, $50 technology fee. Total fees = $85/qtr

6-11 credit hours:

$35 non-refundable enrollment fee, $50 technology fee, and a $20 student activity fee. Total fees for part-time enrollment = $105/qtr

12-18 credit hours:

$35 non-refundable enrollment fee, $50 technology fee and a $50 student activity fee. Total fees for full-time enrollment = $135/qtr

* An additional $35 non-refundable late enrollment fee may apply

Tuition Waiver – 25% for the 2023-2024 school year!*

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of federal relief funds were dispersed to educational institutions in the United States following the White House’s declaration of a national emergency. Using these grants — collectively known to the College as “CARES Act funding” — Northwest Indian College allocated a high percentage of funds toward direct relief for students, including reducing students’ tuition costs with a tuition waiver. Though we understand our communities still feel the effects of the pandemic and the COVID virus has by no means disappeared, the White House officialy declared an end to the pandemic in April 2023. With this declaration came an end date to CARES Act funding. With feedback from our students, the College has developed a plan to taper off tuition waivers. Tuition waivers will no longer be available after the 2023-2024 school year, ending on June 21, 2024.

TCJ Winter 23 Ad

What is a tuition waiver?

A tuition waiver is a reduction of tuition fees. Currently, tuition is $99/credit for resident rate students. This fee will be cut by the percentage of the tuition waiver. For the 2023-2024 school year, that is 25%.

Who is eligible?

All students will receive the tuition waiver, regardless of being a resident or non-resident.

How does it work?

The fee is automatically applied to all students. No application is necessary.

Are summers still free?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, NWIC proudly offered 100% tuition waivers in the Summer quarters. With the end of CARES Act funding in 2024, Summer 2023 was the final 100% tuition waiver offered. As of right now, 

What about the 50% waiver?

Throughout the pandemic, NWIC proudly offered a 50% tuition waiver throughout the school year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters) and 100% for the Summer quarter. With feedback from our students, the College developed a “tapering off” plan to offer a waiver as long as possible and prepare students to continue their education at NWIC as the grant closes. The 2022-2023 school year was the last school year for the 50% tuition waiver. The College transitioned to a 25% tuition waiver for the 2023 – 2024 school year.

I’m not sure I can continue my education with the reduced tuition waiver. What can I do?

With a $99/credit for resident student rate, Northwest Indian College is one of the most affordable higher education institutions in Washington State and the nation. With that in mind, we understand that there are still financial barriers for our students and aim to provide scholarships, wrap-around services and other means of assistance to help students be successful. These resources include: Student Connections, which offers scholarship workshops and can connect students to needs-based services; the Northwest Indian College Foundation which offers direct support for current students and previous students who need an Accounts Receivable (AR) hold scholarship; and our Financial Aid office.

Visit our Financial Aid page for more information about scholarships, the Foundation and the Financial Aid office.

* Standard material and lab fees still apply

Student Accounts & Billing

Student Accounts & Billing

Accessing your Student Account

You may access your student account in JICS under the “Finance” Tab. 

When you register for classes or make changes to your registration, you are making a financial commitment to NWIC. Failure to view your account does not negate your responsibility to pay by the due date.

Account Holds

TR Hold (Transcript Request Hold)
Your current balance is somewhere between $0.01 and $499.99. This balance will still allow you to register for courses, however you will not be able to access your unofficial transcripts or even order official transcripts

AR Hold (Accounts Receivable Hold)
Your current balance exceeds $500, and you will not be able to register until your balance is below this amount. Common reasons this happens include not having submitted a copy of your tribal ID or CDIB information when you submitted your application, or not completing verification for financial aid.

Making Payments

  • Go to CASHNet

    You can make a payment against your balance using a credit card, electronic check, or international funds transfer. You can also invite someone else to make a payment on your behalf.

    Payments are typically processed the following business day.

    If you need an account hold removed immediately, please email or call (360) 392-4222.

  • Call the Student Accounts office M-F 8am-5pm:

    Direct Line (360) 392-4222
    Student Accounts Cell Phone (360) 927-4771
    Main: (360) 676-2772 | (866) 676-2772

  • Payments are accepted in-person at the Cashier’s Office, Building 23, Lummi Main Campus M-F 9am-5pm.

  • Email with your phone number and a staff member will contact you when in office to process your credit card over the phone.

  • Check or Money Order payments can be made by mail to:

    Northwest Indian College
    Attn: Accounting
    2522 Kwina Road
    Bellingham, WA

    Please be sure to include your student ID or full name along with the payment. Do not mail cash.

3rd Party Payments

If some or all of your tuition and fees will be paid by a qualified 3rd Party, the authorization guaranteeing payment of a specified amount of your tuition and fees must be received in the Accounts Receivable Office. 

Mail 3rd Party Authorizations to:

Northwest Indian College
Attn: Accounting
2522 Kwina Road
Bellingham, WA 98226

Having a 3rd Party Authorization on file does not remove your responsibility to assure that all tuition and fees are paid. Should your 3rd Party not send a timely payment, the debt will remain on your student account and you will be responsible for any charges.

In addition, if you will be receiving Financial Aid, you should notify the Financial Aid Department ( regarding your eligibility for aid.

Accounting Department Contact Information:

Running Start

Running Start

What is Running Start?

The Running Start Program is a partnership between NWIC and Washington state public high schools. The program offers eligible high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take NWIC classes that satisfy both high school and college credit requirements simultaneously, tuition free. Running Start allows a student to get a head start on earning college credits, seek a greater academic challenge, or take courses that are not offered in their high school. Students may enroll concurrently in high school and college classes, or solely in college classes. While tuition for college-level classes is paid by the Running Start Programs, the cost of fees, books and supplies are paid by the students.

To participate in NWIC’s Running Start program, students must take the NWIC placement tests and place at college-level English (English 100 or above). Other criteria and specific procedures for enrolling in courses as a Running Start student are available from the NWIC Office of Admissions.

Students continuing in the Running Start Program are required to submit paperwork quarterly. Students are not charged tuition if they stay within the Running Start eligibility criteria. Students are responsible for all fees.


Running Start Coordinator
Katawny Webber
Phone: 360.392.4273

First Year Experience/ RS Advisor/
Interim-Joan Banel
Phone: 360.392.4331

General Information


Academic Calendars

Academic Year

2024-2025 Academic Year


Summer Quarter 2024Fall Quarter 2024Winter Quarter 2025Spring Quarter 2025
Registration - May 13 to June 28, 2024Registration - May 13 to Sept. 13, 2024Registration - Nov. 12, 2024 to Jan. 3, 2025Registration - Feb. 18 to Apr. 4, 2025
Quarter Begins - July 1, 2024Quarter Begins - Sept. 16, 2024Quarter Begins - Jan. 6, 2025Quarter Begins - Apr. 7, 2025
Independence Day -July 4, 2024Veterans Day - Nov. 11, 2024Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan. 20, 2025Memorial Day - May 26, 2025
Quarter Ends - Aug. 16, 2024Thanksgiving - Nov. 28 & 29, 2024President’s Day - Feb. 17, 2025Quarter Ends - June 13, 2025
-Quarter Ends - December 6, 2024Billy Frank Jr. Day - March 7, 2025Commencement - June 13, 2025
--Treaty Day - Jan. 22, 2025-
--Quarter Ends - March 21, 2025-

Important Dates 2024-2025

Important DatesSummer 2024 (2025-10)Fall 2024 (2025-20)Winter 2025 (2025-30)Spring 2025 (2025-40)
RegistrationMay 13 - June 28May 13 - Sept. 13Nov. 12 - Jan. 3Feb. 18 - Apr. 4
Admissions App/Financial Aid - Priority DeadlineNoneJune 15Oct. 15Feb. 1
Graduation App DueNoneJuly 1Oct 15Feb 1
Quarter classes beginJuly 1Sept. 16Jan. 6Apr. 7
Late RegistrationJuly 1 - 5Sept. 16 - 20Jan. 6 - 10Apr. 7 - 11
Permission for Late RegistrationNoneSept. 23 - 27Jan 13 -17Apr 14 - 18
Administrative Drop for Prerequisites and Requirements (Ad/Pr drop)NoneSept. 18Jan. 8Apr. 9
Faculty Discretionary Drops Due (FDD)NoneSep. 27Jan. 17Apr. 18
Last day to register for IL/LC or ABE/GEDJuly 09Oct. 1Jan. 21Apr. 22
Last day for 100% refund for official drop from courses without 'W' on record (Census date)July 11Oct. 3Jan. 23Apr. 24
Midterm WeekNoneOct. 21 - 25Feb. 10 - 14May 5 - 9
Midterm Grading in JICSNoneOct. 19 - 27Feb. 8 - 16May 3 - 11
Last day for official withdrawl (No refund after census date)NoneNov. 8Feb. 21May 23
Incomplete Agreements Due (5pm)Aug. 19Dec. 9Mar. 24June 13
Final Grading in JICSAug. 5 - 19Nov. 25 - Dec. 9Mar. 10 - 24June 2- - June 16
Last day of the quarterAug. 16Dec. 6Mar. 21June 13
Graduation Commencement CeremonyJune 13
Holidays - College Closed
4th of July, observedJuly 4
Veterans DayNov. 11
Thanksgiving HolidayNov 27. (Close at noon)
Thanksgiving HolidayNov. 28 & 29
Martin Luther King DayJan. 20
Treaty Day RecognizedJan. 22
Presidents DayFeb. 17
Billy Frank Jr DayMar. 7
Memorial DayMay 26

Quarterly Calendar

Access our Spring 2024 Quarterly Calendar here!

Graduation & Commencement

NWIC Graduation and Honors


Graduation is the official awarding of degrees earned while commencement is the event which celebrates the completion of degree programs. 

Students must complete an application for graduation no later than the first three weeks of the quarter before the student plans to graduate. Degrees are not automatically granted upon completion of requirements. The application must be completed through JICs. A $10 fee applies.


President’s List

Students completing 12 or more credits with a GPA of 4.00 will be included on the quarterly President’s List.

Dean’s List

Students completing 12 or more credits with a GPA of 3.50 or higher, will be included on the quarterly Dean’s List.


NWIC Commencement

2024 Commencement Ceremony

Friday, June 21, 2024 
2:00 P.M.

The Commencement Committee would like to welcome NWIC graduates, families, staff, and faculty to the 2024 Commencement. Event details will be posted here as they become available. 

Participation in Commencement

Graduates can begin checking in at the Health & Wellness Center beginning at 11AM. Please plan to arrive no later than 1pm for the line up.

Graduation and Commencement are Separate

Graduation is the process you go through to have your degree posted to your transcript. Commencement is an annual ceremony (held in June) where we honor your academic accomplishments. If you are completing Northwest Indian College degrees and/or certificates, you may participate in the commencement ceremony. 

Graduates Meeting

Missed the Graduates Meeting? Click below to watch the recording and review the presentation.

2024 Graduates Meeting

May 17, 2024
Click to Watch Recording

2024 Graduates Meeting Slides

Download Meeting Slides

Gown Order Deadline is May 30!

Click Here to Order Today

Guidelines to Purchase Cap and Gowns

Cap and gown orders for the NWIC 2024 Commencement are available until May 30, 2024 online at Jostens.

  • Cap and gowns can be ordered even if graduates are not participating in the commencement ceremony.
  • Cap and gown orders can be paid by check, Visa, or Mastercard.
  • Honor Cords and Program Stoles are distributed by the Commencement Committee. Questions regarding honor cords should be directed to
  • Cap and gown packages will be shipped directly to you.
  • Graduates should confirm they meet all graduation requirements before purchasing cap and gowns. There are no refunds on cap and gowns.
  • Students earning an Award of Completion should order the Associates cap, gown, and tassel.
  • Honors Cords and Bachelors stoles will be provided separately by the Commencement Committee
  • Caps & Gowns do not need to be returned after the event.
  • A limited number of Caps & Gowns will be available to those who may need to borrow. Please contact the committee for more information.
Associate's Grad Package: Cap, Gown, Tassel w/ Yeardate Charm$28.80
Bachelors Package: Cap, Gown Tassel w/ Yeardate Charm$28.80
Standard Shipping$14.95

COVID-19 Safety

COVID Safety measures will be taken, including sanitation stations and safety booth. If you have had known contact with a person to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days or have any symptoms or feel sick in any way, please stay home. While the event will be outdoors, masks will be required per Lummi Public Health Team requirements. 

A change may occur to the ceremony to ensure safety. 

Tickets & Seating

No tickets are required for guests for the Commencement. In the event of the Health & Wellness Center reaching capacity, live streaming will be available at alternate viewing stations on campus.

Board of Trustees’ Honors Graduate Brunch

This invite-only event celebrates Honors Graduates — those who graduate with a GPA of 3.5 or higher — with a brunch for them and up to two guests. This event is held the day-of Commencement at the Lummi main campus in the morning. Invites are sent via email by the Office of the President. For questions, contact

Program Colors (Tassels & Stoles)

BSNES – Forrest Green
TGBM – Purple
NSL – Turquoise
CARE – Royal Blue
2 Year Programs – Red & Black

Photography & Livestream

A  photographer will be at Commencement, so we kindly ask no family approach the stage. Photos of individual participants will be available shortly following the ceremony. A photo booth will be available to graduates and their families before and after the ceremony for group photos.

The goal of the committee is to have the ceremony streamed live for those who are not able to attend in person. Please check the event page for updates.

Travel Information

Book your stay at Silver Reef Hotel Casino Resort
The link to book your room for the NWIC Sites Graduation for the dates of ARRIVING: JUNE 20TH, 2024 and DEPARTING: JUNE 23, 2024

Book Your Stay Online Now! Your Offer Code is 5932

Enter your Offer Code and click Search, then Select for your Offer Code under Available Offers and enter your stay dates for your group.  Guests can also call the hotel Toll Free at (866) 383-0777  to book your room and ask for the NWIC Sites Graduation (Booking ID: 5932 along with the date(s) you would like to book at the group rate.  Please make your reservations before the deadline date of: 6/12/24

Hotel Check in time is 4pm and check is 11am. The hotel must receive cancellations before 24 hours prior to check in day to avoid incurring any penalties.

Silver Reef Casino Resort offers a fun and safe gaming and entertainment experience. With 206 guest rooms & suites, golf at the Loomis Trail Golf Course, beautiful Mt. Baker views, oversize bathrooms,  free Wi-Fi, in-room coffee makers, irons, hairdryers. Book a tee time at Loomis Trail Golf Course or a relaxing massage at The Spa or dine at one of our specialty restaurant options. Find out what other special events or promotions are happening on the website at

2024 Commencement Application

To participate in the ceremony

Order your Cap and Gown

Click Here to Order from Jostens




Financial Aid

Northwest Indian College administers a broad range of financial aid, scholarships, and work-study programs for students who can demonstrate financial need.

Student Life

NWIC students are encouraged to engage and integrate into the life of the institution. Students are offered opportunities to participate in enrichment activities through Student Affairs, student government, and residence life.

NWIC Extended Campus Locations

Northwest Indian College‘s main campus is located at the Lummi Nation. The College also has six full service extended campus sites located at Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Nisqually, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Swinomish, and Tulalip. Please use the location links to view details for each extended campus site.

Come Back and Finish Your Degree! Limited Time Only: Accounts Receivable (AR) Hold Waiver Plan

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