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Northwest Indian College has created and implemented plans and procedure that address emergency preparedness and contingency planning for continuity and recovery of operations should catastrophic events significantly interrupt normal institutional operations.


Disruptive events can happen suddenly, creating a situation in which the normal services of Northwest Indian College can become overwhelmed. During these events, the college requires special programs to address the needs of response operations and recovery management. To address disruptive events, the college has established this Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (“Plan”), which is the framework for the management of the immediate actions and operations required to respond to, and recover from, a disruptive event. The overall priorities of the college during an emergency are the protection of lives, property, the community, and the environment. The overall objective is to effectively respond to events in a safe manner and manage the process of restoring college programs and services.


  • Communications shall be from the President or his/her designee with respect to emergencies/crises affecting the college.
  • The Emergency Management Team (EMT) shall inform the President and in turn the Board of Trustees of any event that has occurred or that is threatening life, health, or college property, and give periodic status reports as information is available.
  • The RAVE Alert system will be activated to inform staff and students of the college emergency situation. Members of the EMT will be responsible for activation of the RAVE Alert system.
  • Appropriate information shall be provided routinely to college employees and students to enable their cooperation in a potential event.
  • Signs and maps are to be posted on all buildings giving directions to the designated Assembly/Rally areas designated for that building.
  • Trainings and drills are to be offered on a regularly scheduled annual basis on the emergency programs.
  • Under no circumstances will any representative of the college reveal a victim’s name in any case unless given specific permission by the victim or the victim’s agent.
  • Each college department/office and employee will have access to an electronic copy and a hard copy of the CEMP in each office and department will be made available. The Vice President for Campus Development & Administrative Services will consult with the EMT members on an annual basis to review and update the plan.


This plan provides the structure, key responsibilities, assignments, and general procedures to follow during and immediately after a disruptive event. The college has established this plan to address the immediate requirements for an event in which normal operations are interrupted and special measures must be taken to:

  • Save and protect the lives of the students, residents, visitors, employees, and the public studying, living and working in college facilities and properties.
  • Manage immediate communications and information regarding response operations and safety.
  • Provide essential services and operations.
  • Provide and analyze information to support decision-making and action plans.
  • Manage college resources effectively in the emergency response.

This plan does not supersede or replace the procedures for risk management, safety, security or other procedures that are already in place for the college. It supplements those procedures with a management structure that provides for the immediate focus of management of response operations and the transition to recovery operations.


This plan applies to the students, residents, visitors, employees, and the public at the college. Where other agencies and institutions are mentioned, the plan describes understandings or agreements about their expected actions.


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