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We are honored to serve the students who represent their families and their tribes when they walk through our doors.


At Northwest Indian College the student body is a diverse group. The average student is a 29-year-old female with at least one dependent. However, increasing numbers of traditional college age students are enrolling right out of high school. Over 75 percent of our students come from a federally-recognized Indian tribe and we represent over 90 different tribal nations. Northwest Indian College proudly serves over 1,100 students annually.

NWIC Student Services and Activities Logo

Message from the Dean of Student Life

Thank you for choosing Northwest Indian College!

At Northwest Indian College, we not only offer quality learning at an affordable cost but also the skills to achieve a balanced education through our philosophy of promoting Indigenous self-determination and knowledge. It is this philosophy that lends to our daily practices and dedication to student success.

Our student-oriented approach is evident in all we do: classroom learning, extra and co-curricular experiences, internships, research, and community outreach. Our investment in students is reflected in our graduates who are leaders in their fields and highly prized by employers. Student success is our highest priority.

As a student at Northwest Indian College, it is important that you understand you are a part of our family and that the Center for Student Success will make our best efforts to ensure you succeed, so that you may provide for yourself, your family, and your community. I encourage you to become involved in clubs, organizations, student government, and service-learning opportunities so that you may make the most of your college experience. It is your responsibility to take charge of your own education, and our Student Services staff will stand by to support you as you take full advantage of this extraordinary place.

Best wishes for a successful year!

Dean of Student Life

Victoria Retasket

Dean of Student Life

Fall 2020 By The Numbers

Who are our students? Click above to find out.

President’s & Dean’s List

Celebrate Our Students Who Earned High Academic Achievement!

Congratulations to our students who earned high academic achievement. The President’s List distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 4.0. The Dean’s List distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 3.5-3.99.


Kristina Andy
Brent Cleveland
Andrea Craig
Ashley Davis
Donna Diaz
Kaui’lani Fontes
Jacqueline Jameson
Justin Ketah
Donald McCluskey
Annie-Laurie Partney
Sauncha Romey
Misti Saenz-Garcia
Sadie Spargur


Jonathan Arzate
Alicia Fulton
Ray James
Hailey Joe
Vanessa Manuel
Philip Peterson
Sashina Stephens
Maren Yeager-O’Daniel

Accommodations for Students

At Northwest Indian College, providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment. Academic and Student Support services are an integral part of equalizing the post-secondary environment for students who experience disabilities.

NWIC is committed to providing students with disabilities equal opportunities to benefit from all College services, programs, and activities. We comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Upon enrollment at NWIC, we ask that you provide the most
    recent documentation form a licensed medical professional that clearly states your diagnoses (IEPS or 504 plans are also accepted). You can email to, scan to
    360-392-4255, or bring in person to the Center for Student Success (Building 17).

  • The Dean of Students will review your documentation and create an Accommodation Confirmation Letter. Once you review this letter, it will be submitted to your faculty quarterly upon your enrollment.

  • Faculty Notification letters will be emailed to each of your instructors. Ideally, you will meet with your instructor at the beginning of each quarter to discuss your accommodations and
    communicate any concerns or questions you may have.

Accommodation Resources

Email Dean of Students

Click to Email

Did You Know?

Accommodations can be temporary or long-term. During the COVID-19 pandemic, students are eligible for temporary accommodations due to potential virus impact with a doctor’s note.

You can contact the Dean of
Students for info on out-of-classroom accommodations.

Contact Information
Dean of Students – (360) 392-4255

Student Resources


Northwest Indian College Advisors offer holistic and student-centered guidance, empowering students with practical knowledge and skills to support cultural identity, academic success, self-determination, and personal growth.

What We Do:
Academic advising is provided to students by:

  • Advisors in the Center for Student Success
  • Faculty Advisors in the academic program in which the faculty member teaches, or by
  • Site Managers at our instructional sites.

The academic advisor will work with students to enroll for courses and provide the necessary information to ensure adequate course selection for the student’s intended program of study. Advisors offer assistance to students in understanding degree requirements, planning schedules, and monitoring satisfactory academic progress.  Students should schedule appointments with their advisor to verify that courses they have selected apply to their degree program prior to quarterly registration. While appointments are not mandatory, they are strongly recommended, especially during busy registration times before the start of each quarter. Drop-in advising is always available to students on a first come, first serve basis.

Advising FAQs

Meet your Academic Advisors

Student Connections

The Student Connections Program is designed to provide student support services for students at Northwest Indian College.  The core of the program is the use of success strategies developed by the NWIC TRIO Student Support Program, Peer Mentoring and efficient case management strategies.  These holistic non-cognitive strategies incorporate academic coaching, cultural knowledge and skill building, and development of self-efficacy.  The objectives of the program are to maximize student strengths, identify challenges, and develop a fluid and flexible individual student success plan. Overall goal of the Student Connections Program is to promote persistence, retention, and graduation of NWIC students.  The SCP uses the three-pronged approach focusing on Academics, Events, and Personal Life/Culture. Using these areas as a focus for supporting students, the SCP reaches out to students to support them with:

  1. Proper Academic Advisement and Planning
  2. We connect them with events and activities that are meaningful to their success
  3. We connect them with community opportunities that provide cultural community and a sense of place and identity.

This can include things like introducing them to our Indigenous Wellness events, connecting them with community members, aligning them with students and staff from the same communities and advising the student in a holistic manner.

What We Do:
Academic Coaching is provided to students by:

  • The Student Connections Program Director in the Center for Student Success
  • The Coach Advocate in the academic program in which the faculty member teaches, or by
  • Student Peer Mentors

Meet your Student Connections Staff

Student Internship Opportunities

Internship placeholder flyer
Are you interested in a summer internship? Please join Student Connector, Janyha Ell, for an info session to learn why summer internships may be something just for you! We will be discussing the application process, benefits of interning, and much more…
Monday Feb 1 from 3-4pm.
Can’t make the zoom session? Email for the recording.

Internships are a key way to learn outside the classroom. An internship can help shape your career trajectory, expand your professional network, build your resume, and bolster your chances of securing a good job after graduation. 

Current Internship Opportunities

Lummi Main Campus

  • Salish Sea Research Center
    Apply by Feb 5th
    For more info, contact Thayne Yazzie 

Extended Campus Sites

  • Internship 1
  • Internship 2

External Opportunities

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) DUE Feb 3rd
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 10 office has announced openings for paid student internships on the USAJobs website. Students should review the eligibility and required documents carefully and apply as soon as possible. Applications must be submitted prior to 9:00 PM Pacific on February 3, 2021. The job announcement is limited to 250 applications and may close before February 3, 2021 if the limit is reached.

  • Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) DUE Feb 5.
    Are you an undergraduate student who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, or public health?
    6 week virtual internship opportunity at University of Washington
    More information, including eligibility requirements and the online application, can be found at: or by contacting Nora Coronado ( )
    Applications are will close February 5, 2021.

  • DSHS Internship – Summer Program DUE Feb 12th
    Multiple internships available at various locations throughout the state.
  • NASA Virtual Internship Opportunity DUE March 5th
    There are opportunities outside of engineering and astrophysics – NASA studies climate and the earth Contact: Caroline Montgomery E:
    P: 757-864-7905

Student Internship Documents

If you are a student that has worked at NWIC within the last three years and has all hiring documents on file, the internship supervisor only needs to submit a PAF.

If you are a student that has not worked within the last three years, the student will need to submit all the following new hire documents and the internship supervisor needs to submit a PAF.

  • W-4
  • I-9 (with ID as noted in the instructions)
  • Employee Acknowledgement Statement
  • Employee Data and Emergency Contact info

 Some internships also require a NWIC application, cover letter and resume.  This is optional.

Internship Supervisor Documents

If your intern has worked at NWIC within the last three years and has all hiring documents on file, you only needs to submit a PAF to HR.

If your student intern has not worked within the last three years, the student will need to submit all the following new hire documents and you need to submit a PAF to HR.

Internship Forms








Wellness is a core belief at NWIC.  As part of our guiding values, NWIC believes:

  • Sәla-exʷ: Our strength comes from the old people. From them we receive our teachings and knowledge and the advice we need for our daily lives.
  • Schtәngәxʷәn: We are responsible to protect our territory. This means we take care of our land and water and everything that is on it and in it.
  • Xwlәmi-chosәn: Our culture is our language. We should strengthen and maintain our language.
  • Leng-e-sot: We take care of ourselves, watch out for ourselves and love and take care of one another.
  • Xaalh: Life balance/sacred

Counseling Resources

NWIC Wellness Staff


Print Resources

First Year Experience


Newileng, welcome students, to First Year Experience, (FYE)
at Northwest Indian College (NWIC).

First Year Experience provides students under forty-five college credits with opportunities to participate in a uniquely designed Indigenous student success initiative that aligns with institutional mission fulfillment. FYE also helps integrate these students into the academic rigor and cultural community of NWIC.

FYE courses and activities help students to:

  • Transition into college.
  • Enhance knowledge and academic skills for college success.
  • Develop an educational degree plan.
  • Connect with local community holistic and wellness support services.
  • Participate in co-curricular activities.
  • Establish personalized student support.
  • Improve student life skills and personal academic organization.

The First Year Experience Student Objectives:

  • Exhibit Tribal place-based awareness.
  • Commitment to Tribal community and civic responsibility.
  • Demonstrate college level skills in mathematics, oral communications, reading, and writing.

Math and Writing Center

The Math and Writing Center is a safe haven that provides academic support for all students. Peer and professional tutors provide individual and small group tutoring. Support is provided in subjects such as mathematics; including algebra, calculus and statistics, English; such as writing, grammar, editing, and science; with emphasis in chemistry and biological studies. Access to computers and printing services is also available.

Although the Math and Writing Center is located at the Lummi campus, online tutoring is also available for all students, regardless of location. Online tutoring can be accessed by emailing For questions or special tutoring arrangements contact the Math and Writing Center, building 3, at the NWIC Lummi Campus. The Math and Writing Center is typically open from 9-5pm Monday-Thursday and 10-4pm Friday with extended hours during finals week. For more information, please call 360-392-4235.


Monday   –      10AM-6PM
Tuesday   –      10AM-6PM
Wednesday – 10AM-6PM
Thursday –     10AM-6PM
Friday       –     10AM-6PM
Saturday  –     11AM-5PM
Sunday      –    11AM-5PM

Schedule Tutoring

Click to Email

Lummi Library

The mission of the library is to support the Northwest Indian College and the Lummi Community with research, informational, and recreational resources that enhance life-long

The collections include more than 30,000 titles in print, audio, and video formats and focus on curricular support and Native American topics while including general interest and children’s materials. Subscriptions provide access to a number of electronic databases. The library also holds the personal collection of Native scholar Vine Deloria, Jr.

The catalog is available through our NWIC Library page. Purchasing or borrowing from other libraries may be an option.

Facilities include a computer lab with internet access and office software, wireless access, photocopying and scanning, study space, and video playback.

Library instruction is available individually and to classes. Distance learning students and faculty are encouraged to use library resources, and to contact the library for details.

View NWIC Library Page

Online Bookstore

At Northwest Indian College, selecting and ordering textbooks is done entirely online at the NWIC Online Bookstore. Created in partnership with eCampus, the Online Bookstore simplifies the textbook ordering process for students and faculty while providing them with a variety of physical and digital textbook formats.

Textbooks are no longer available in the on-campus bookstore, but the NWIC Eagles Market is still open with a variety of snacks, gifts, clothing and additional products.

The Online Bookstore offers:

  • Quick ordering process – complete your entire order in 5 minutes
  • New, used, eBook, and rental textbook formats
  • An average savings of 60% off list price on Marketplace items
  • Price match guarantee on new books
  • Free shipping on retail orders over $49 (not including Marketplace)
  • Year-round access to post and sell any textbook on the website’s Marketplace – you name the price

Book Vouchers

A book voucher allows students to purchase or rent books and supplies from the NWIC Bookstore before your financial aid award has been disbursed. It is an advance on your financial aid refund, and the amount will be deducted from the refund total.  
  1. Go to the book voucher website
  2. Log in with your student username and password
  3. Accept the conditions on the screen
  4. You now have your $300 “voucher” and can move on to ordering your textbooks.

Wait, How Do I Order Books?

Enrollment Information

Enrollment  & Transcripts

Northwest Indian College’s primary focus is on recruiting Native American and First Nations (Canadian) students but follows an “open door” admissions policy.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and who has graduated from high school or completed a GED may enroll. Students who are between the ages of 16 and 18, who have completed a high school diploma or GED, must obtain permission from their school district before enrolling for college or high school level courses. Students 16 years of age and older are eligible to enroll in Continuing Education (CEU) courses. Students who are not prepared to begin college level courses are provided with a wide variety of developmental course work designed to enable them to prepare for more advanced study and to pursue programs suited to their interests and aptitude.

*As of July 1, 2015, students are REQUIRED to submit a copy of a high school diploma or GED before their application is considered accepted.

Getting Your Transcripts


Ordering a transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse is a more convenient option that ensures all information is entered correctly to prevent delays and includes status notifications. There is a $4.00 fee and a convenience fee of $2.25 per transaction (the $4.00 fee is waived one time for currently enrolled full-time students).


Ordering a transcript through the Enrollment Services Office. There is a $4.00 fee and a convenience fee of $2.25 per transaction (the $4.00 fee is waived one time for currently enrolled full-time students). Completed forms should be submitted to

If you have any questions please contact the Enrollment Office at 360-392-4245 or

Enrollment & Transcript Forms

Transcript Ordering Center

Order your Official Transcript Online at National Student Clearinghouse website.

Registration Form

For students who are enrolling in a course that is not available to be enrolled in JICS by an advisor/site manager.

Add/Drop Form

For students currently enrolled, who need to change his/her schedule after JICS is closed or who need instructor permission for late registration or pre-requisite waiver.

Continuing Education
Units Form

For Continuing Education Units, typically used for workshops & conferences.


NWIC Catalog

Class Schedule

*Please note classes under the location ‘Lummi’ are in-person. Find virtual class options under Independent & Online and Video Conference. Please consult with your advisor or site manager for questions and assistance. 

Definitions of Class Types

Student Housing

Student Housing Options


NWIC currently has two housing options. The first is the Residence Life Center (RLC) and the second is the NWIC Family Housing at the Kwina Estates, both located at the Lummi campus.

The mission of the RLC is to build a sustainable community through promotion of healthy living, leadership development, and embracing traditional ways of its residents and the community. Programming will enhance and strengthen individual access to culturally relevant education and personal growth.

The RLC houses 64 students and 3 Resident Assistants. There are double and triple occupancy rooms available. All rooms have a private suite style bathroom, sink, desk, chairs, bunk beds, dressers and space for either a microwave or small fridge.

The RLC also has a fully furnished lounge which includes: Television, Direct TV satellite, couches, chairs, dining set, kitchen and two computer stations. There is an on-site laundry facility and a dining hall where students have meals prepared for them. The quarterly meal plan is required for all residents.

The NWIC Family Housing at the Kwina Estates is located within walking distance from main campus. There are eight 1-bedroom, nine 2-bedroom, and two 3-bedroom apartments available. These units are not furnished. Residents of these units can purchase a quarterly meal plan but it is not required. This option requires an application obtained at the Residence Life Center office or download the PDF Form on this page.

Housing applications will be accepted continuously. All applications must be complete and include the $50.00 application fee. Complete applications will be placed on a waiting list in the order they are received. For more information please contact the Residence Life Center.

NWIC Residence Life Priority Deadlines

NWIC QuartersDeadline Date
Summer QuarterJune 1
Fall QuarterSeptember 1
Winter QuarterDecember 1
Spring QuarterMarch 1

What to Bring


Residence Life Center

Policies & Procedures Handbook

NWIC Kwina Village
Family Housing

Policies & Procedures Handbook

Student Activities

Campus Clubs and Organizations

Campus clubs and organizations exist for a variety of reasons.
Clubs allow students to develop a community of people with similar interests. Clubs often provide a door into the non-academic world through professional contacts with business and Tribal leaders. Clubs and organizations provide students a way for involvement in the larger community. Clubs and organizations add value to a student’s collegiate experience. Students may create a Campus Club with a group of students coming together with a collective mission that aligns with the college’s mission.

Campus Clubs and Organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • All full and part-time students on the main and extended campuses are automatically members of the Associated Students and are entitled to privileges and responsibilities of such membership. The ASNWIC annually elects an Executive board to represent the interests of students at all NWIC campuses. The Executive Board consists of student officers as President, Vice-President of finance, Vice-President of Clubs and Organizations, Vice-President of Activities, and Vice-President of Extended Campuses. The primary function of the Student Executive board is for student involvement in the college decision-making process and communication between college administration and students. In addition, the organization provides programs which meet the needs of students in the areas of education, culture, social activity and student welfare.

Want to Start an NWIC Club?

NWIC students are encouraged to be involved in an existing club or organize a group of students to form a new club.

NWIC Events Calendar

Take me to the calendar

2021-2022 Student Activities

NWIC Extended Campus Locations

Northwest Indian College‘s main campus is located at the Lummi Nation. The College also has six full service extended campus sites located at Muckleshoot, Nez Perce, Nisqually, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Swinomish, and Tulalip. Please use the location links to view details for each extended campus site.

Student Life

NWIC students are encouraged to engage and integrate into the life of the institution. Students are offered opportunities to participate in enrichment activities through Student Affairs, student government, and residence life.

Financial Aid

Northwest Indian College administers a broad range of financial aid, scholarships, and work-study programs for students who can demonstrate financial need.

AR Hold Waivers
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