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Associate of Science Transfer in Engineering

This program of study provides core courses in engineering, science and mathematics for students interested in pursuing a four-year degree program in engineering. 


The NWIC engineering program is designed to meet most of the prerequisites for entrance into a four-year college or university engineering program in Washington State and may be transferrable to other institutions out of state. Students may be required to complete additional General University Requirements (GUR/GER) after transfer. Students must consult with the engineering advisor before selecting courses to ensure that they meet the minimum entry requirements of the college or university engineering program to which they plan to transfer.

Department Chair & Faculty

Stephanie Bostwick

Department Chair – Engineering


AS-T in Engineering

The four sacred directions are used in Indigenous ceremony to help Indigenous people develop a framework to connect to place. A navigational compass has been used since time immemorial for peoples of all cultures to navigate the natural environment. The Pre-Engineering program at NWIC will prepare students with tools for understanding community and societal needs to develop solutions with Indigenous perspectives and traditional knowledge.

Engineering Program Logo


Indigenous communities have a strong connection to their environment as well as their well-being. In some communities, this symbol represents the mental, physical, and spiritual component of the self.

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply analytic, laboratory, and computer-based tools.


Understanding the connections between the social, environmental, and inner-self is foundational to the survival and identity of Indigenous people. Communicating these connections and serving others is what has enabled Indigenous people to be sovereign communities.

  • Communicate work in a variety of formats (oral, written, or graphical).


Problem solving is the heart of Ancestral and Indigenous Knowledge. Environmental restoration, construction, and de-construction are an example of efforts stemming from Indigenous inquiry. Since time immemorial, Indigenous people have been observing, questioning, and engineering solutions to issues related to place.

  • Know how to apply the engineering design process to respond to the needs of Indigenous communities and serve to promote Indigenous self-determination.


Service learning and outreach are ways Indigenous peoples serve community and societal needs as well as promote intergenerational learning and self-determination.

  • Contribute to an engineering project in a tribal, federal, or private context.

NWIC’s new Engineering program and Lummi Nation’s work towards Energy Soverignty is featured on PBS!

Episode 5, “Toward Energy Independence”

Episode 5, “Toward Energy Independence”

Stephanie Bostwick, Program Chair and Faculty, is featured in GeekWire Article!
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