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Fall New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome new students! We’re so excited to have you joining our community. Northwest Indian College has served students since classes were first offered in 1973. 47 years later, we continue to promotes Indigenous self-determination and knowledge to our students. We’re proud of the achievements and successes of our current students and more than 1800 alumni. We look forward to supporting you as you work toward your academic and professional goals.

This orientation is designed to familiarize you with campus and prepare you for your college experience. The experience will be two-fold:

  • Online Orientation Canvas page, which is an interactive page with information designed into modules, and each student will be required to work through and complete the survey at the end of the course.  All new students will be automatically added to this course.  You can return to the course anytime in your Canvas dashboard or by clicking the link below. If you would like to be added to this course, please email
  • Interactive Zoom meeting, where you will meet virtually with staff, faculty, and other new students. There are several meeting times scheduled for you to choose from.

Contact Shoshaunee Perez for more information: or 360-926-1718