Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium is to honor the life and continue the work of one of the nation’s foremost authors, scholars, and intellectuals who passed away on November 13, 2005.  Throughout his life Deloria maintained ties with friends, tribes, and institutions in the Northwest.  One of his final public appearances was as the plenary speaker at the Robert K. Thomas Symposium held in 2005 at Northwest Indian College.  Following this event he expressed his desire to make the college the site of a yearly symposium in indigenous studies.  It is with this mandate in mind that we not only seek to carry out his wishes, but also to name the symposium in his honor.

The 16th Annual Vine Deloria Jr., Indigenous Studies Symposium is digital

In collaboration with Children of the Setting Sun Productions, we are excited to announce the launch of the 16th Vine Deloria Symposium on May 12th & 13th.