Due to COVID-19, NWIC 2020-2021 Basketball Season Return to Play will be January 30th,2021

All inquiries for scheduling games please contact Michael Schjang via email: for Women’s. Men’s games, contact Adam Lane at

Prospective Student Athletes please contact the designated coach as well.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Athletic Department to create and foster an environment which provides opportunities to student-athletes to enrich their collegiate experience through participation on competitive & cooperative athletic teams. In concert with the mission of Northwest Indian College the athletic department is dedicated to providing opportunities, which will promote healthy living, enhance the intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development of the whole person, while conducting all activities with honesty and Integrity. The Athletic Department values gender diversity and is committed to providing equitable opportunities for all students and staff.

Competitive Sports Programs

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Meet the Staff

Michael Schjang
Athletic Director | Women’s Basketball Coach
(360) 392-4341

Adam Lane
Men’s Basketball Coach
(360) 255-4410

Purpose of NWIC's Athletic Program

The purpose of the sports component at Northwest Indian College is to make participation in sports a meaningful part of a students education. To help produce mentally diverse and socially adjusted individuals through encounters that are well organized, wholesome, varied in nature, and safe.

The objectives of the Northwest Indian College Athletic Program are:

  1. To provide opportunities for individual development through a variety of programs balanced between light and vigorous exercise, team, and individual competition to meet all skill levels.
  2. To safeguard participant’s health by a choice of physical activities, developing rules with safety in mind, providing functional equipment and adequate supervision.
  3. To provide opportunities for the development of skills that can be utilized throughout life.
  4. To broaden participation through increased activity options, both structured and unstructured.

NWIC Athletic Program Guidelines

  1. Student must be currently enrolled at NWIC. Students are eligible to play,  if the student is enrolled at least (12) credits.
  2. Individuals who have competed in a formal manner without amateur status and/or have received any form of compensation are ineligible to participate in that sport.
  3. Sportsmanship/Conduct: One of the objectives of NWIC sports is to promote interaction and fellowship on campus and throughout the community. All participants are expected to adhere to the objectives Northwest Indian College has set forth regarding the Athletic program.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes profanity, threatening behavior, striking a opponent, official, or activity supervisor; excessive arguing; derogatory behavior or abusive remarks by players or coaches.
  5. All established disciplinary procedures will be enforced by the Athletic Director and may be heard by the Center for student success team if petitioned by the individual.
  6. Use of illegal drugs/ and or use of alcohol during a sporting event (games) are strictly prohibited and in violation of NWIC conduct regulations. Students found with alcohol and or drugs or intoxicated will be removed for a period determined by the coaches and Athletic Director.
  7. Physical fighting is not tolerated in competition play. A player who uses aggressive physical violence will be removed from competition play. A second violation will be removed from the team for the remainder of the season.


In pursuit of its mission, the NWIC Athletic Department strives to:

  • Conduct all activities with the health, education, and welfare of all student-athletes.
  • Conduct a program that is an integral part of the educational system, with the student-athlete as a participant in the student body.
  • Recruit athletically talented students who are capable, prepared, and motivated to succeed academically and athletically.
  • Provide staff, resources and facilities to support programs that are competitive at the inter-collegiate level and AIHEC competitions.
  • Foster a sense of community among students, alumni, staff and the larger community.
  • Provide a viable student development program which will guide and assist student-athletes in developing their academic potential, career vision and preparation, sense of responsibility towards community service, and personal values and skills.
  • Establish and adhere to standards of conduct for staff and students that are consistent with the development of strong moral character, responsible behavior, and mutual respect.

NWIC Corporate Sponsorships

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As a corporate partner, your affiliation will have a multitude of opportunities to develop brand awareness, brand loyalty and enhance your company’s exposure to target demographic groups.

NWIC is a non-profit organization which is 501 ( c) (3) tax-exempt. All proceeds directly benefit the student-athletes of Northwest Indian College and It’s athletic programs.

Partnership Benefits

  • Goodwill for your company and demonstration of your support for Native American Higher education
  • Opportunity to be included in NWIC social functions that are fun and produce great business and marketing contacts
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  • 501 (c) (3) tax donation

The NWIC Athletic Department can offer a broad assortment of corporate partner opportunities. We will work with your company’s marketing needs and strategy to develop a plan that combines all of our resources available through the athletic department to reach your specific objectives and fulfill your companies marketing goals.

A corporate package may include,
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Sponsors of Northwest Indian College Athletics

  • Nike
  • Swinomish Northern Lights Casino
  • Northwest Recycling
  • Sound Beverage Distribution
  • Veijas Band
  • State Street Depot
  • Merit Management
  • Amjay
  • Bellingham Travel & Cruise
  • Sycun Resort & Casino
  • Silver Reef Casino
  • King Nissan
  • U-Frame It