Course Outcomes

CLICK HERE to View the List of Approved Course Outcomes


Process for Creating and Updating Course Outcomes

Each course taught at NWIC is expected to have one set of outcomes, which are used for all instances of the course, regardless of the location or modality of the class. Course outcomes are articulated and approved using the process described below. All sections of a course – regardless of location or method of instruction – has the same set of course outcomes. Each course teaches and assesses NWIC Institutional Outcomes and may also teach and assess program outcomes. 

Steps in articulating and approving course outcomes:

  1. Download and read the following documents:
  2. Check the List of Approved Course Outcomes. Course outcomes have already been created for the courses with a link on the Completed Course Outcomes Forms page. For these courses, please click on the link and review and update all the outcomes using the current blank course outcomes form listed above. For each course that does not have a link, please contact the Director of Assessment to determine if outcomes already exist. If they do not, download a blank course outcomes form.
  3. For each of the courses you teach, work with the instructors (from all sites and all modes of learning) who teach each course to identify NWIC outcomes and course outcomes.
  4. Email one completed Course Outcomes Form for each course to the Curriculum Committee Chair, Brian Compton, at
  5. List the NWIC outcomes and course outcomes from the Course Outcomes Form on all syllabi for the course and embed the teaching and assessment of those outcomes into course design.
  6. The Curriculum Committee Chair will review the completed form, suggest changes, if necessary, and explain the process for approval of the outcomes..
  7. Following approval,the course outcomes will then be posted online on the List of Course Outcomes Forms. .