14 Aug 2018

This Week: “Revitalizing Cultural Knowledge and Honoring Sacred Waters” Video Showing

**About the project**

The purpose of this work is to preserve the knowledge and to share the story of the Nooksack River from the perspective of the Lummi People who still fish and hold sacred the territory at the mouth of the river.

These are some stories of the people who lived at the Nooksack at various times over a few years, most homes were occupied by different families over the years. This is one video of more work to come, historical stories and sense of place of the Lummi People.

**About the producer**

Althea Wilson, Lummi tribal member and Native Environmental Science program at Northwest Indian College graduate, and
focused on this project for her culminating project at the college for which she was backed by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Earlier this year, she earned first place in the undergrad division at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference for this
research project.


-Opening Words/Speaker
-Close the table
-Importance of sense of place Culture and History
-Introduction by Dr. Emma Norman BSNES, Department Chair
-Althea Wilson Sharing the vision of the project
Video “Revitalizing Cultural Knowledge and Honoring Sacred Waters: Documenting the Oral history of the life on the Nooksack River”
-Open Floor

**Honored Guests**

-Bill James, Chief Tsilixw
-Dana Wilson, Cluxten
-Cynthia Wilson, Oomagalis
-Wilma Olsen
-Gerald ‘GI’ James
-Dana Wilson
-Robert “Rab” Washington
-Anita Johnson
-Deborah Boyer
-Laurie Brionez Wilson
-Heather Jefferson
-Troy Olsen, Su’hun’ep
-Loretta Olsen
-Darlene Olsen
-Connie Martin
-Cathy Ballew

**Special Acknowledgments**
-The Late Roberta Hunt Wilson
-The late James H. Wilson From “Back to the River” Northwest Indian Fish Commission
-The late Gordon Wilson “Back to the River” Northwest Indian Fish Commission

**We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of**

-Lummi Nation
-Lummi Natural Resources
-Lummi Fish Commission
-Lummi Archives
-Lummi Communications
-Lummi Shelangen Department
-The National Science Foundation
-Native Environmental Science program at NWIC

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