18 Nov 2019

Register for Winter Quarter Now


  • Winter Quarter Registration: November 4th-January 7th
  • 1st Day of Winter Quarter: January 8th
  • For class selections, please see our class schedule.
  • For any other questions or information, please contact
  • admissions at:
  • Full academic calendar available here


To apply + register:


To register, please contact an advisor at:

Extended Campus Students

To apply and register, please contact your campus site manager: NWIC Site personnel

Visit individual campuses pages here: https://www.nwic.edu/nwic-sites/


Did you know? If you have old fines that are prohibiting you from registering we want to help by waiving old AR hold fees? Learn more: https://www.nwic.edu/ar-hold-waivers-available-now/